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    The Important Factors That Bring  About  An Internet Entrepreneur Like Connor Paddon

    With the passage of time comes the changing role of technology in society as well as its applications.  It is often observed that what was once considered as costly has over time been accepted and applied into the main stream.  This makes us take a closer look at the internet and particularly the role of internet entrepreneurs in shaping and changing society as a whole.  People like Connor Paddon were quick to realize the potential of a new and effervescent technology that they were quick to get onto the bandwagon much before the technology became more main stream. Connor Paddon

    The factors that gave rise to the tech folks like Connor Paddon

                Accessibility: It is important that technology be made within reach of the common person and to in many senses de-mystify it.  When more people get to accepting a new life style that promises to deliver better quality of life, it is bound to be adopted on a larger scale.  It is thus the greater use and application of this new medium that makes for the rise of the internet entrepreneur.

                Affordability: History is replete with instances of use of technology in large scale that it soon became affordable to most of society.  This is a typical chicken and egg situation when each aspect builds on the other to bring cost of technology within reach of the end user.  Often it is observed that technologies are best accepted if they are affordable and the methods of access also are affordable.

                Awareness: As more people get to realize the importance of being aware of the latest offering in any field and particularly so with technology, it would be evident that there are always a better way of executing a same need than before.  Thus it is bound to create greater efficiencies and smoother life styles as well.

                Technology: There is an important aspect to technology that it is best used when it is easily with reach of most people.  It thus needs to be demystified to gain a greater acceptance and with more complex situations being handled with a greater ease as time goes by, it is the older generation of technology that gets more affordable.  Technology has always been an enabler that would rise to most occasions to deliver the best experience possible.

    The progress made by society

    If a study is done on the great generational transformations that have occurred in society in general then it would be noticed that there has always been a keen part played by the adoption of newer technology.  This has been the case ever since the invention of the wheel and hence the start of human civilization more or less.  Thus there can be no denying the important role played by newer technologies at any time. Connor Paddon

    It is always people like Connor Paddon that have a head start to adopting newer technologies that make certain transformations in society that brings about a general progress in people.  There cannot be a denying the role of technology in this transformation.

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