6 Critical Facts to Know About Radon System Installation

    radon system installation

    As you start taking the name radon, there are so many questions that do come over in your mind related to the Radon system installation. Therefore, to make you learn little about this radon concept, here we will make you learn about the critical facts you should know about radon system installation.

    Interesting and 6 Critical Facts to Know About Radon System Installation:

    1. Radon is a Radioactive Gas:

    Radon is basically known as the radioactive gas that would always be taking place in the environment on the natural consideration basis. It does come about through the straight depletion of the uranium. This material is much found on the ground or the earth formations.

    1. Radon Gas Has A Health Effect:

    The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has brought about the estimation that there are about 7 million homes in the US that are affected by the high radon levels. As we all know that radon is defined as the chemically inert gas and therefore it would be electrically uncharged. But at the same time, it is radioactive too. This is the main reason that it can lead to some health problems such as lung cancer. As in one of the study, almost in 10 of all lung-cancer deaths in the United States do happen because of the radon depletion.

    1. Radon is measured in Picocuries per Liter:

    The measurement of the radon system installation is done in the US through the Picocuries per Liter. In the home, the recording level of the radon should be as in between the levels of 2-4pCi/L and above. For the measurement, there are two main devices are used. The passive device is the one that does not need any sort of power to perform the functions. It is also known as passive radon detector. This category does feature the involvement of the alpha track detectors, plus the charcoal canisters, and also the involvement of charcoal liquid scintillation detectors. Second is the active device that does require the power to perform the functions. It does add up with the varied set of the monitors and also highlights various working levels.

    1. How Radon Enters in Homes?

    Radon would normally be making its way into the homes through the cracks of the floor. It might happen through the floors or the gaps that are present in your home pipes or the cables. Its levels are much high in the areas of basements or the living spaces that are in contact with the soil.

    1. Limit Radon Amount to Radon Mitigation Process:

    Radon can never be removed on the permanent basis. But you can make it get reduced to a certain level by the use of process named as radon system installation mitigation. There are basically two methods of radon mitigation i.e. one method is known as passive radon mitigation system that is installed at the time of your home construction. But if you do make it get install in the homes, then it can lead to certain health risks as well.

    1. Radon is Not Dangerous:

    You can probably take it as the factor the myth. Radon is not dangerous at all but this is what most of the people do think out to be. Radon is the main reason for the arrival of lungs cancer in your homes. So how come it cannot be dangerous for you!


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